Why 97 percent of websites don’t generate sales

And The 6 Things You Can Do To Make Sure Yours Does.



The first website launched in 1993 and now there are over 14.3 trillion webpages live on the internet.

The advertising market has changed so much in the past 10 years that many of the traditional methods are no longer working. In January 2004 there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube and only 50 million websites globally.​

Being found in 2004 was pretty easy, the yellow pages was still a number one choice for many business owners wanting to be found.​

There is so much clutter in advertising today that people are switching off. In the past 40 years we've gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970's to as many as 5,000 a day today.​

The consumer has taken control of the content they watch.

Media clutter

The consumer has taken control of the content they watch. They can record live TV and fast forward through the adds. They can automatically sweep email marketing campaigns straight to their deleted items.

When there are trillions of webpages, billions of emails, millions of hours of video footage being uploaded daily, millions of everything requesting our attention- and most of it free - being found is valuable.​

This change in the marketing landscape has been challenging for small businesses. In 2013 in Australia we saw an overall decrease of 2.9% of small businesses. Over the 4 years from June 2007 over 40% (nearly 800,000) Small Businesses closed.

Yet over the same period close to 75% of Big Businesses continued to trade. The Government study also found that only 60 percent of small companies were profitable.​

The World of Google


We now live in a google world and the rules have changed so you need to change to grow. And if your not growing, your dying

If you are a small business you must be able to be found. Your marketing strategy must be far broader than ever before. Your marketing strategy must be multi-pronged. Including a website in your marketing strategy is a must.​

What do the best Websites have in common

Websites should no longer be an expensive business card. In the past I have seen many people scrimp on a website. Spending $500 to create a website is like flushing your wallet down the toilet.

Many web developers who build cheap websites use limited platforms that will not do you any favours. There are over 200 things that google use to rank websites and the more you get right the more likely you will rank well and be found.

Good content:

The number one rule is to create good quality content that users will find interesting. The content should be educational and build trust. The content should not focus on who you are but rather the problems that clients face and the potential solutions to their problems. People buy on emotion and back it up with logic, if your content cannot build trust, than clients will never buy from you. Content should no longer be limited to just words on a page, with the increase in internet speeds many people are preferring to watch videos instead of reading content.

Search Engine Optimised:

Every single page on the internet is viewed by google independently. Google doesn’t look at a website as a whole; it looks at each webpage independently. Each webpage is ranked based on its content; google identifies the keywords used within the content as well as looking at other factors such as the page title, page description, social links and interaction, comments, any inbound and outbound links, the description of any pictures used as well as the interaction of other forms of communication such as video. Once google algorithms build a story on a webpage it will be ranked alongside other sites based on the overall score.

Social Media Interaction:

Social media is now so ingrained in society that google looks at your websites interaction with social media to determine the quality of your website. A website with good levels of social media interaction, for example, sharing of your blog on Facebook or Google +, and re-tweeting of your tweets will outrank other websites all else being equal. There are a myriad of other social sharing sites that should also be considered if you want to build a website that is going to rank well and draw visitors to your website.

Look and feel of your website

Your website must be easy to navigate, visitors to your website must be able to get to the information they are after in a simple click or two. Your website should also be visually appealing and the colours, should be used to create the emotion you want to evoke in your visitors. Colours are powerful tools and important to understand and comprehend, before a decision is made to build your website. To read more about colour theory click here.

Google doesn’t like cheats

I met an internet marketer recently who called himself something similar to the social trust expert. His pitch was that he builds your trust level on the internet by adding reviews of your business across the internet. I asked him how he does this and he braggingly told me how he did it. From his home computer, he has dozens of social media account all in different names. He then logs into each account adding glowing reviews on each of the review channels. Logging into sites such as google+, truelocal etc. Google works hard to ensure that sites that rank well are due to being good sites. The google algorithim looks at things such as the IP address of the computer (an IP address is essentially your computer's unique signature) that added the reviews, it also looks at things like the timing of the reviews going on and whether or not it has been a natural build up of reviews. Seeing 30 reviews go up in a day all from the one IP address with no other reviews in the month is hardly natural. When google see this going on they sandbox your site so that you wont rank. All the other work completed has now been completed in váin.

Marketing Automation

Maintaining a good quality website can be a lot of work. Writing content that’s adds value to your readers is hard work in itself. Then you need to publish it on your website and then go and publish it to Google+, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. It starts to sound like it is going to be all to hard. That is where marketing automation kicks in. Once your content is written your website can be optimised so that your content is automatically shared with all the social media accounts in one go. Websites can also be set up so that you can email in the content to be published directly to your website and social media accounts. In many instances your content can be planned 12 months in advance and drip feed automatically. All you need to do then, is monitor your feedback, thank visitors for their comments and watch the traffic and sales produced from your website climb.

Only the best websites produce results

When clients search the web the top 3 results gets over 61% of the clicks. The rest are fighting it out for the remainder 39%. And making it to the top doesn’t guarantee success. Once at the top of the rankings your website must build trust, it must add value and it must have the appropriate sales funnel leading them to either buy on your website or contact you for service.

How many businesses are there in your industry competing for

the same customers as you?

If you are not in the top 3 than you better hope your other marketing efforts are very successful.

In Summary

We are facing a very different environment than what we have before. Small businesses are really struggling and to avoid becoming one of the 40% of businesses who are unprofitable you need to have a strong growth strategy.

Your approach must be multipronged, it must include not only a well designed high quality website but social media interaction and it must contain a high degree of automation so that you are not spending all your time managing it.

As Pablo Picasso says "Action is the foundational key to all success" so take action and contact us on the form directly below. Start attracting clients to build a more profitable business. After receiving your form we will contact you for a full appraisal.


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