The Seven p's for crafting
the perfect elevator pitch

Crafting The Perfect Elevator Pitch

How often do we miss a great opportunity because we fail to quickly and compellingly introduce who we are, what we do and the problems we solve.

An elevator pitch can be used to ensure, you make the most of each opportunity that comes your way.

When you meet someone for the first time one of the first questions most people ask is what do you do? Thinking you are helping them, you give them your job title. After all telling them what you do, might take a few minutes.​

The problem is, using your job title puts you in the same basket as your competition. You become a commodity, and being a commodity is a killer, now you will struggle to differentiate what makes you, uniquely you.

A well crafted elevator pitch will help you stand out from your competition, and in todays market you really do need to be able to stand out.​

This is why crafting an elevator pitch is essential. Crafting the perfect elevator pitch can make a substantial improvement across your organisation because everyone can be on the same page selling the same message​

So what is an Elevator Pitch?

elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief speech, useful for anyone who wants to spark interest in what you or your company does. The elevator pitch should be crafted to let the audience know the problems you solve and your unique selling proposition (what makes you different from the competition).

You also need to give them an idea of what your solution to the problems are and who are your ideal clients. Let them know of any awards or achievements your organisation has achieved and then engage them with a question to identify if they may have the problem that you can solve.

  • 1. Purpose of your elevator pitch
  • 2. problem you are solving
  • 3. Proposition
  • 4. Perfect client
  • 5. Praises
  • 6. Participate
  • 7. Practice your elevator pitch

Before starting on your elevator pitch think of the purpose of your elevator pitch. What do you want it to achieve? Are you trying to promote a new product or service? Or are you positioning yourself as the expert in a niche. Decide on the purpose on your elevator pitch.

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