Know the secrets to make Your Dreams come true


The Poorest Man in the World is the one that doesn't have a dream

“The poorest man in the world is the one without a dream”. Myles Munroe

Many people start their own business and make one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. They start without a powerful vision of what they want their business to become. They get into business to be their own boss, or because they are good at what they do. They get to be their own boss with all the challenges running a business entails but most fail to achieve the income levels they had achieved as an employee.

Do you have a Powerful vision for your business? Is your vision crystal clear?

 To be successful in business you need to stand out above the rest and this all starts with a vision. A vision so powerful that you can see it in your minds eye. You can see it with the detail of 4d extreme. You understand the value you will be bringing to your customers or clients and you can feel the emotional drivers that your clients/customers will be feeling using your service or buying your products. It is about envisioning all the little things that is different to your business as it is the culmination of all the little things that make a business truly stand out.

What ever it is you want to accomplish, it must first be achieved by envisioning your dream to be real.

The good news is you don’t need to know exactly how you are going to achieve the vision right now. The main thing is that you start working towards it and as you do, what you need to do will present itself over time.

You need to be realistic.

If your a 70 year old you are not going to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Setting completely unrealistic vision that defy the laws of nature will not do you any good.

You must own your vision.

A vision you do not own or do not truly believe in will not drive you to succeed.  Imagine going  for a trip, but not really wanting to go, it is highly likely you will find an excuse not to go and if an excuse presents itself you will grab it with both hands. So how do you know if you own your vision? If you own the vision you will tell everyone about it, and when it is challenged you will defend it.

Why is your Vision Important to you?

You also need to understand the reasons behind why you want it. What are you going to get from achieving the vision. This will be different for everyone, but understanding the “why” will give you the drive. Some of these reasons might be to provide a private education for your children as you feel you missed out on a quality education and you want to give your kids a great start so that they don’t have to work as hard as you have. Or you might feel the income you receive from the success will give you the income to buy a new car and that buying a new car will give you a feeling of self worth. Or that by living your vision you will have sufficient funds to move overseas and work within your own charity supporting orphaned children, and that by doing this you will feel so good about yourself because you are doing what you feel you were put here to do. The thing is it doesn't matter what your reasons are but you must go deep emotionally and truly understand why it is so important to you. Once you can tap into these reasons you will give yourself the best chance of sticking to the actions you have created for yourself.

You now have a crystal clear vision and have compelling reasons of why you want to achieve it, next week we will look at creating an effective strategy and a massive action plan to help you turn your vision into reality.  Feel free to join our weekly newsletter so ensure you don’t miss out on our updates.

Remember a man without a dream is the poorest man in the world.