If your Dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough


If your dreams dont scare you they arnt big enough


Are you too scared to Dream Big?

So many times people stop themselves from Dreaming Big.

What if i don't make it?

What if i look silly?

What will people say?

If you don't Dream Big you will live small!!!

Dreaming small will kill your ambition, you can wake up lethargic, struggling to get the energy to get through the day. Lethargy is contagious, it can bring down your whole family, your friends. Life can become monotonous, drudgery.

But if you shoot for the moon and miss, you will likely end up living among the stars.

By Dreaming big you wake up ready and excited to start the day. You are filled with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm like lethargy is also contagious, your family will be with you, excited about life's journey ahead. Life is an adventure to be lived, and if you are not living, What a waste.

So dream big, get excited about life, and let contagion spread.