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Would you like to generate higher profits?

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​Would you like more time with your family?

Would you like to build the sort of business you only dream about?

If you said yes to any of the above questions then continue reading.

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Why is Coaching Important?

Wayne Bennett is a great Coach

Imagine the Brisbane Broncos without Wayne Bennett, the thing is we don’t need to imagine. In the first 20 years as the inaugural coach of the Brisbane Broncos, Wayne steered the Broncos to six premiership wins. In the 6 years without Wayne Bennett, they missed the finals twice, having previously not missed the finals since 1991. Wayne Bennett has now been back a single year and in his first year back in charge the Broncos went within a whisker of taking home another premiership. 

Coaching however is not just for football teams, 75% of fortune 500 companies in the USA have outside experts to guide them in their businesses. 

Top performance requires a strategic edge, that edge is a second pair of eyes that can provide you the perspective you are missing.

How Can I Help My Clients!

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • The Mental Edge
Get the mental edge

The Mental Edge

Getting back to Wayne Bennett, Wayne was asked what he does to make his team the best it can be. Wayne said his goal is to stop the players, the staff, everyone involved in the team from lying to themselves. Unfortunately we all lie to ourselves, we all tell ourselves softeners, like "it's not that bad" or we blame others, the weather, the market or the economy.

The problem is we can get so busy blaming we fail to take accountability and responsibility for our part.​ We all have fears, and our fears hold us back. Our fears stop us from being the best that we can be. In business we have two choices, we can face our fears head on or we can lie to ourselves.

​If you are looking for a Business Coach on the Gold Coast that will hold you accountable, like Wayne Bennett does with the Broncos, I can do that. I will work hard to stop you from lying to yourself. I will help you become the best YOU, you can be.​

After all, "Why wouldn't you want to be the Best YOU, you can be."​


IceSolair - The Solar Airconditioning Specialist

The Success Club have helped our businesses immeasurably. Not only has their business guidence helped our businesses but their web design, SEO and general management of our websites has enabled our websites move from barely being recognised on Google to page 1 and in the top 3. Alex and his team are very professional and excellent at what they do. We can not speak highly enough of the Success Club team, thank you so much with all that you do.
Cheers Jason

Jason Meiklejohn, CEO

Kidz n Play

Our business was suffering and we felt we had tried everything to turn it around. We had accepted that it maybe best to look at exit strategies for the business. If it wasn't for The Business Coach we never would of found the inspiration and drive to re-look at our business. The Business Coach helped us to see the business in a whole new view, with new opportunities and ideas we never would of come up with. The assistance provided not only helped us increase our business, but decreased our costs. The best investment we have made in our business.

Peter Main, Business Owner

About Alex Warren

Your Gold Coast Business Coach

Experienced business coach

It is easy to read a book and understand how things work. Many coaches are well read, but unless you have gotten down into the trenches you really have just an idea.

My career started as an apprentice working for a small family business in Bundaberg. After completing my apprenticeship and then university I worked for one of the top 5 Investment Banks in the World.

I started my first business in 2004 and have been in business now for over 12 years. I built a successful financial planning practice up from nothing to a saleable asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, my biggest growth was during the GFC. When many other firms struggled, I more than doubled my revenues. 

I have been providing business coaching on the Gold Coast for over 5 years. Building a business is not easy, there are no shortcuts. It is about putting your business on the continual improvement path, creating a strategy and then implementing it with vigor. 

Qualifications and experience go together like a needle and thread. Alone they can still be useful but together you can create something amazing. My philosophy has always been you don't know what you don't know. Because of that I have always been on a continual quest for knowledge.

I started out with a degree at QUT majoring in Economics and Banking and Finance.  I also studied for the Certified Financial Planner designation. I have traveled to the USA and undertaken courses with some of the best in the business, such as Bill Bacherach and Business Mastery by Anthony Robbins and his world leading team of business specialists. I am currently undertaking Strategic Intervention through the Robbins Madanes Institute which is also in America. If you are after a local Gold Coast Business Coach with world leading qualifications that can help you, then you have found me.

Gold Coast business coach - Alex Warren

Alex Warren

The biggest difference I see between businesses who are successful and the rest, is that the most successful business owners really care. They care about their staff and they care about their clients. But more than that, the reason why they get up each day and work hard is they care about their family. We will all do more for someone else than we will ever do for ourselves.

I see these business owners and they are always working hard to improve their service for their clients. They stop at nothing to work out how to provide the best experience each and every time. 

For myself, there is nothing more satisfying then creating something that works. Helping business owners create a profitable business with very happy clients. Helping business owners to live their ideal life. To send their kids to the best schools, take them on amazing holidays and better still have the ability to spend quality time with family and friends, instead of being stuck in the office. 

With me, you get a business coach who cares about your success.