Don’t let fear hold you back


Dont let fear hold you back


How often is it that we give up before we even get started.

We ask ourselves questions?

Is it going to work?

Will they like it?

Self Doubt sets in!

Now because we are not certain in success we usually take 1 of 2 actions.

  1. We give up before we started so we don't feel like a failure
  2. We put in a pitiful effort so we could say "well i tried"

The difference between successful people and the rest, is successful people put in 100% effort and realise that no matter what the outcome they are winners.

Wayne Bennett coach of the Brisbane Broncos can regularly look dissapointed after a win and happy after a loss. (well as happy as Wayne can look)

You see Wayne as a great coach knows that win or lose a game its sometimes out of the players control. But what they can control is the effort they put in. I have seen so many times Wayne congratulates the team for a great effort after a loss, and chastises the team after a win that wasn't deserved.

It is time put in 100% and congratulate yourself for the effort. Whatever you do, DON'T LET FEAR HOLD YOU BACK.