What makes a Good Business Coach?

What To Look For In A Business Coach

Before deciding on a business coach it is important to know what to look for in a business coach. The industry in Australia is not regulated so anyone can put their hand up and call themselves a business coach and certainly many have.

1. Look for a business coach with a proven track record of running their own business.​

2. Look for a Business Coach with real expertise: what are their qualifications? Do they have a degree in Business, Commerce or Accounting?

3. There is no point having a coach who is very strong in the technical side if they can’t communicate effectively. You need to seek a couch out 

who has strong leadership, mentoring and communication skills.​

4. Lastly you need a coach who really cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed as much as they want it. A coach who will put in the extra mile to see their clients go the distance.

Some of this will be easy to find out but most importantly a business coach could be someone who you have a relationship with for years. If everything stacks up but there is no connection there than it is time to interview another coach

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