How we help Business Owners

Small businesses are the unsung heroes of Australia. Small Business account for 2.7 million Australians who employ another 4.8 million. That is 7.5 Million Australians who make their living from Small businesses. Small business owners take great personal risk, regularly using their homes as security to fund expansion, create jobs and build wealth. Small businesses are the great innovators in our society who deserve recognition and respect.

At The Success Club we fully understand the value that small business owners bring to the Australian economy. We also understand the challenges that many small businesses are faced with on a daily basis.

Some of the challenges faced are:

  1. Finding inspiration in a challenging environment
  2. Unpredictable cash flow
  3. Increasing profitability
  4. Attracting more business
  5. Targeting the right clients
  6. Not spending time on the business as you are so caught up working in the business
  7. Building a marketing strategy
  8. Turning a good business into a great business

Running a small business can be a lonely existence with little support systems available to face the many challenges. Many feel that they need to be the master of skills, the equivalent of a one man band.

The thing is, this doesn’t need to be the case.

The Success Club can be there on your team, as a sounding board for decisions and to provide input when needed with years of business experience to back them up.

The Success Club can help with:

  1. Starting a new business venture
  2. Getting the structure right to protect your assets and build a saleable business
  3. Helping you to think at a deeper level and create a powerful vision that will both drive and pull you to succeed
  4. Getting the financials right by working with you to:
    1. create both personal and business cash-flow forecast
    2. Ensuring you are pricing your services or products correctly
    3. Setting financial targets
  5. Understanding your client value proposition so that you can create
    1. Powerful marketing plan that works
  6. Reviewing operations to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible
  7. Working with you to improve management and leadership skills to get the most out of your staff.
  8. We want to work with you to turn your current business into a great business and help you grow into your dreams so that you can live your ideal life.

The above list is just a small snapshot of what we do, if you have a specific problem feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 4 business hours.

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Kidz n Play

Our business was suffering and we felt we had tried everything to turn it around. We had accepted that it maybe best to look at exit strategies for the business. If it wasn't for The Business Coach we never would of found the inspiration and drive to re-look at our business. The Business Coach helped us to see the business in a whole new view, with new opportunities and ideas we never would of come up with. The assistance provided not only helped us increase our business, but decreased our costs. The best investment we have made in our business.

Peter Main, Business Owner

IceSolair - The Solar Airconditioning Specialist

The Success Club have helped our businesses immeasurably. Not only has their business guidence helped our businesses but their web design, SEO and general management of our websites has enabled our websites move from barely being recognised on Google to page 1 and in the top 3. Alex and his team are very professional and excellent at what they do. We can not speak highly enough of the Success Club team, thank you so much with all that you do.
Cheers Jason

Jason Meiklejohn, CEO