Business Health Check

In Australia today less than 50% of existing small businesses will be around in 5 years time. The average small business owner earns $200 a week less than the average employee. The world is changing so fast, that most small businesses, are being left behind.

You have 2 choices

  1. You can choose to develop a success mindset and to do whatever it takes to build an exceptional business, and create exceptional profits
  2. Or you can stay with the heard and like most businesses, fail within 5 to 10 years of startup, or worse, continue to play small!

If you are still reading, I know you have chosen option 1.

But how? Well making exceptional profits is no mystery, it comes from creating an exceptional business. If you don’t have an exceptional business then you won't get there. So stick with me and I will let you know the five things you need to do to make it happen.

1. A Successful Mindset

Top of the list is YOU!! If you don't get out of bed every morning excited about your business, then you can't get through all the natural fears, problems, setbacks that we all have growing a successful business. It's not easy being a business owner and wherever you are right now I'm sure you've had some teething problems. That's just life. So get yourself in a solid position of understanding why you are in business. Create a vision of your business that you can believe in, and create a vision of what your ideal life will look like when you arrive. That way you can keep going when the going gets tough. 80% of success is to do with a successful mindset. You cannot let fear hold you back.

2. Understand your Value

Second is value. What value are you providing your clients? Today there is so much choice, why should your prospects choose you over your competition? If you can't answer that neither can your clients! What your point of difference, and can you clearly and easily explain it. It also has to be real, you cant just make up a point of difference, think back to when you started your business. Most people who start their own business start because they were unhappy with how things were being done as an employee. Make it real and people will believe you.

3. Open more Doors to your Business

Third is marketing. How many doors do you have opened, inviting potential clients into your business. An exceptional business doesn’t rely on opening just one or two doors. Think about how many doors you can open! The shopfront, a website, invite them in through email marketing, connect with them on facebook, referral and word of mouth, the opportunities are endless. I think everyone in Australia would remember the ad where the lady misses the deadline for getting an ad in the yellow pages. Her boss yells down the road at her "Not happy Jan".  Times have changed. Today if you want to create an exceptional business you need to open a lot of doors to your business. Marketing cannot be set and forget, once you open a door you need to continually measure and refine your marketing. an exceptional business will have several marketing tactics all working together. All telling the same story ensuring your potential clients are getting the same message time and again.

 4. Create a Consistent Message and Convert

Fourth is sales. Sales people are the face and mouth of the business. If they aren't all singing from the same song sheet it can sound terrible. High quality sales staff that are providing quality sales message will increase your profits to exceptional levels. This process and training that you provide will work hand in hand with the marketing, one without the other doesn't work. So what do the sales staff need to be trained to know how to do. They need to know that value that you provide, they need to know the point of difference that you provide, they need to know the vision. They need to jump out of bed, just like you every day and be proud to sell what you have. They need to know exactly what to say. If you only have three seconds for a first impression, they make sure they know what to do in the first three seconds.

 5. Deliver consistent results

Fifth you need to Deliver -  Is your business running like a machine? Great businesses do! Everything needs to be working together. Systems and processes turn what you do into a business. A business without systems and processes is a nightmare. Results are rarely the same and the outcome of each client interaction is left to chance. For most small businesses they have one or two parts of their business working like clockwork. But your only as good as the weakest link. Think of McDonalds, people keep going back as they get the same product and service time and again wherever they go. Is your business running like a machine?

How healthy is your business?

The business health check is designed to help you find out.  The business health check will cover all sorts of areas from your personal drive, to finance, and marketing. The business health check will also ask you questions  to help you understand areas of weakness and identify opportunities. Do you have the systems and procedures in place to make your business run like a machine and have you established the right business structure for asset protection and profit distribution. The business health check is also designed to ask you questions to ensure you are protecting the very asset you are building and have covered of some of the more important legal requirements when running a business. Lastly at the end of the day we build our business primary to help us live our Ideal life. The business health check will ask you questions to ensure you are living true to yourself.

Congratulations, the Business Health Check is an essential step if you want to build your Ultimate Business.