What makes a Good Business Coach?

What To Look For In A Business Coach

Before deciding on a business coach it is important to know what to look for in a business coach. The industry in Australia is not regulated so anyone can put their hand up and call themselves a business coach and certainly many have.

1. Look for a business coach with a proven track record of running their own business.​

2. Look for a Business Coach with real expertise: what are their qualifications? Do they have a degree in Business, Commerce or Accounting?

3. There is no point having a coach who is very strong in the technical side if they can’t communicate effectively. You need to seek a couch out 

who has strong leadership, mentoring and communication skills.​

4. Lastly you need a coach who really cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed as much as they want it. A coach who will put in the extra mile to see their clients go the distance.

Some of this will be easy to find out but most importantly a business coach could be someone who you have a relationship with for years. If everything stacks up but there is no connection there than it is time to interview another coach

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Peter Main Kids N Play

Our business was suffering and we felt we had tried everything to turn it around. We had accepted that it maybe best to look at exit strategies for the business. If it wasn't for The Business Coach we never would of found the inspiration and drive to re-look at our business. The Business Coach helped us to see the business in a whole new view, with new opportunities and ideas we never would of come up with. The assistance provided not only helped us increase our business, but decreased our costs. The best investment we have made in our business.

Jason Meiklejohnwww.IceSolair.com

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Nerise MooreStenton & Moore Solicitors

I met Alex from the success club about two years ago, and have since had many dealings with him professionally. He has offered sound advice in his area of expertise and has been a supportive and competent person to liaise with. I love bouncing ideas off him, he always has a different way to look at things. Aside from his business acumen and ethics, Alex is just a great guy to deal with. Always friendly. Always willing to give you the time you need. I would recommend him without reservation.